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What is gene testing?

Gene tests (also called DNA-based tests), the most sophisticated of the techniques used to test for genetic disorders, involve direct examination of the DNA molecule itself. Other genetic tests include biochemical tests for such gene products as enzymes and other proteins and for microscopic examination of stained or fluorescent chromosomes. Genetic tests are used for several reasons, such as:


  • carrier screening, which involves identifying unaffected individuals who carry one copy of a gene for a disease that requires two copies for the disease to be expressed

  • preimplantation genetic diagnosis

  • prenatal  testing

  • newborn screening

  • presymptomatic testing for predicting adult-onset disorders such as Huntington's disease

  • presymptomatic testing for estimating the risk of developing adult-onset cancers and Alzheimer's disease

  • confirmational diagnosis of a symptomatic individual

  • forensic/identity testing

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